Our Services

CPAP Direct Ltd makes every effort to provide professional and efficient services for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Whether you’re purchasing a new package or a simple filter question, we’re happy to help! To better assist you, please book an appointment at a location most convenient for you.


Sleep Therapy Consultation (30 Mins)


Info Session / Insurance Quote (30 Mins)


Comprehensive CPAP Set Up


No Obligation CPAP Trial


Mask / Accessories Purchase (30 Mins)


CPAP Troubleshooting (30 Mins)


Expert 6-Month Follow Up


5 Year Replacement Consult (30Mins)

For optional care, arrive 5 minutes early, bring your valid Ontario Health Card, CPAP prescription and equipment.
ADP PROGRAM: The Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program offers Ontario residences monetary assistance with subsiding equipment and supplies for long-term physical disability including respiratory equipment and supplies. CPAP Direct Ltd is a registered ADP vendor licensed by Ontario’s Ministry of Health that permits us to acquire funding (up to 70%) for our clients who qualify for this program. For more information on the ADP Program, Please click here.
PRIVATE/THIRD PARTY INSURANCE: Many of you have excellent extended healthcare plans that offer coverage for respiratory equipment and supplies. Our experienced clinicians will assist you with quotes and documentations to help you get the coverage from your extended health plans, if qualify.
MASK FIT GUARANTEE PROGRAM: To achieve optimal benefits on your therapy, your CPAP mask should provide a reliable seal with ease and comfort. We all have unique facial features and may not get the right fit right away. Our Mask Fit Guarantee Program allows our clients who purchased a mask to exchange their mask until they find one that offers the comfort they need. This program is exclusive to CPAP Direct Ltd and ensures you, our clients, are satisfied (some restrictions apply).